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2ne1 dating ban

2ne1 dating ban-1

how is she supposed to grow as an artist if he won't allow her to experience certain things?🙅 poor baby, since she debuted she always sounds so sad and repressed by the creepy people wonder why jimin chose jype and keep saying she made the wrong choice, when out of the two she clearly the happier one and that enjoys her life and her work the most.

Like, I don't even care if the ban is ignored in practice, the fact that it's nominally there in the first place while absent for their similarly aged male artists is disturbing.Recently, both Lee Hi and Akdong Musician’s Lee Suhyun have joined hands for a new YG Family unit named Hi Suhyun with a single titled, “I’m Different” featuring i KON‘s Bobby.Sources: Koreaboo, My Daily Dear YG, Sincerely, me~ The way she expresses this is so heartbreaking.Um..I checked Yang Hyun Suk isn't Lee Ha Yi's father.Not by a long shot so why does he think he can keep her from dating?How is she suppose to put true emotion in her music and grow as an artist and, more importantly, as a person? weird that this made me think of Luhan and all of those EXO-M rumors...? seems like he always puts restrictions on the girls and the guys can do whatever they want to do.

I consider this absolute abuse, in any other situation it would be considered abuse, but since it's kpop~ and dating bans are "normal", it's never considered abuse.

Just sickening to hold back a young girl like that and she's completely right.

2NE1’s other members -- CL (Lee Chaelin), Dara (Sandara Park), and Park Bom -- will remain with the company and currently have new music in the works.

YG Entertainment apologized for revealing the news after a long wait for the return of 2NE1, who have been all but absent as a group from the K-pop scene since the release of 2014’s .

The news followed reports of 22-year-old Minzy searching for a new agency ahead of her contract expiration on May 5.2NE1 Sets New U. Sales Record for K-Pop Album With ' Crush' As the youngest member of one of the most popular Korean girl groups of the past decade, Minzy has a reputation as a talented dancer and rapper.