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25 sexiest campuses

It definitely takes some getting used to, but most colleges do.And once you give it a chance, you'll realize how amazing your college experience at Emory really was.

25 sexiest campuses-21

Overall Experience: I love it here; the people are amazing, and I am so happy I go here. A lot of help is offered through office hours and tutoring services.Computers: Residential computing labs are in all the dorms, so it's not essential to bring a computer, though I strongly recommend it.There is also a large computing site on campus with both Windows and Mac [machines].You get a superb education, and the campus is gorgeous. It is great living right next to the library and dining hall. Health & Safety: I've never felt unsafe; there are always people around, all the time.Campus Dining: I thought college food would get boring, but with all the different places to eat on campus, along with a couple of hidden gems, the food is always desirable. I have heard that South Campus can get pretty rowdy, though. Overall Experience: There is a wide range of classes offered.Athletics: There's a plethora of things to get involved in—they have everything from outdoor rock climbing to scuba diving, shiatsu massage to gymnastics.

Facilities are excellent, and school spirit is through the roof.

The school’s marketing materials didn’t say anything about the awful food. It’s too bad there isn’t a partners with College Prowler, which surveys college students throughout the U. and uses those surveys to grade each school on everything from academics to nightlife to off-campus housing.

We asked College Prowler to provide ratings in 20 different categories for the schools that are home to our top 50 undergraduate business programs and to give us a sampling of what students were saying about their schools.

People are always working in the labs, but I have never had trouble finding a computer.

Overall Experience: I would choose U of M again in a heartbeat.

I would personally recommend Hill, because it tends to be a bit friendlier. It really is great all around and is what you make of it.