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However, if the organisation has appropriate procedures in place to avoid conflict of interest regarding the conduct of the examination and/or the results, this restriction need not apply.” Under EU-OPS, practical training on the use of rafts was required during initial training.As EU-OPS was a regulation directed, and applicable, to operators, an operator could provide raft training only ‘before first operating on an aeroplane fitted with life-rafts or similar equipment.

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The knowledge and competence acquired with the initial training must, at the time of the replacement, have been maintained by completion of the other training provided by the operator and current operating experience on at least one aircraft type.In the case of an AOC holder, such an approval shall be granted as an additional privilege to be specified in the Operations Specifications.Approval of the initial training course should therefore be part of the overall approval process in accordance with the procedures established by the competent authority.This issue is now on the task list of the ICAO Cabin safety Group, as it was considered more consistent to be addressed at worldwide level, taking into account any relevant Safety Recommendations resulting from accident or incident investigations.It should be noted that it is difficult, if not impossible, to identify which languages, other than the language of the operator and English, should be required.Therefore, only the competent authorities may assess, on a case by case basis, when approving the training and checking programmes of the operators/training organisations established in their territory, whether the procedures established can ensure that the objective of the rule is met, i.e.

to minimise as far as possible the risk of conflict of interest, and possible undue side effects on the evaluation of the trainee/student. CC.200(b)(2) Approval of organisations to provide cabin crew training or to issue cabin crew attestations PERSONNEL CONDUCTING EXAMINATIONS For any element being examined for the issue of a cabin crew attestation as required in Part CC, the person who delivered the associated training or instruction should not also conduct the examination.

CC.200(b)(2) clarifies that in such cases, the operator/training organisation shall establish appropriate procedures to avoid situations that could lead to conflict of interest, e.g.

where an instructor/trainer has to check/evaluate the proficiency of the trainee/student he/she has taught/trained.

Crew training and checking programmes of airlines/operators must be established in the Operator manual (OM) to be approved by the competent authority.

As EU-OPS requirements are being replaced, here are the new rules on Air Operations.

This is because it was considered, based on experience gained, that after 5 years without completing operator training nor operating as cabin crew, the knowledge and competence gained previously has expired and needs to be updated and renewed by completing again initial training before undertaking any other training.