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It was cruel -- it excluded LGBT people from the gay streets of Manchester and their usual local pubs (some of which were happy to allow them in) during a "pride" if they didn't buy a costly ticket.

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This is thanks to the endless hard work of local LGBT campaigners.Check out the rights factsheets that that are published annually on the Facts website and the live blog updates that appear during the Manchester Pride weekend.There's much more to add about what has happened over the last three years, including about how the City Council, Manchester Pride Limited and certain business people brought this on themselves due to their dirty tricks. In November 2016 Manchester Pride announced £149,000 for causes.In 2015, Manchester Pride claimed, falsely, that it was the 25th anniversary of events celebrating LGBT life in Manchester.Perversely Pride was then awarded a further 50,000 of Heritage Lottery Funding for a history project.Minutes of a meeting held in November 2002 (read more on com) have come to light at which all concerned (police, organisers, LGF, city council and Marketing Manchester) were told they could not charge to enter streets that were closed.

Somehow they went ahead and did exactly that nine months later at Europride 2003 and every August after until 2014.

Plus, bizarrely, 25,000 of "unclaimed" grants from previous years. Months later it came to light that Manchester Pride had moved its accounting date back three months from 30 September 2016 to 31 December.

Needless to say this wasn't mentioned in the publicity or "news" articles.

However if they refused to do so access would not be restricted." We know that Crunch bar demanded that customers should be let in through the gates without a wristband during Pride 2012.

Clearly some of the other business people, politicians and others have known the situation for years and, for that reason, are not "friends" of the LGBT public.

The Manchester Evening News reported the charity total on .