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But if what you have on your hands is an okay/mediocre sex life that’s getting into a rut, I think these books can actually be harmful.

You’ll get a couple/few oral positions thrown in there; maybe a little anal if it’s one of the freakier books.But there’s little recognition of the wide world of sexual possibility that exists outside Man-Part Goes Inside Woman-Part.And there’s virtually no recognition of the fact that intercourse by itself isn’t enough to get most women off.And the way to bring variety into a sex life is to have sex in a wide assortment of different positions. I have a whole passel of problems with these books.For starters, I hate how obsessed they are with penile-vaginal intercourse.To quote Klein’s description of the sessions, “I didn’t seem that interested in talking about sex — I seemed overly focused on feelings, power dynamics, letting go of the past, and communication.” And they didn’t want to deal with any of that. If you already have a good sex life — if you’re already mixing it up, if you’re already talking about what you like and what you might like to try next — there’s probably no harm in these books. Then again, if you already have variety and experimentation and good communication in your sexual relationship, these books probably won’t be that much use.

If you have all that, you can probably figure out most of these positions on your own.

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Which brings me to my next critique: I hate the way these books equate “sexual variety” with “physical variety.” Of course I agree that variety is an essential key to keeping a sex life happy and satisfying over the long haul.

Almost every sex writer on the face of the planet agrees with that.

Even when they do talk about this stuff, it’s no more than a cursory, “get it out of the way” mention before getting on to the important business of describing and demonstrating the Double Reverse Astronaut position. And that — especially the part about communication — leads me to my final and most important critique of these "101 Ways to Have Penile-Vaginal Intercourse" books: If you don’t already have a happy sex life, new sex positions by themselves are unlikely to make things better.