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I’m working part-time in a related field and freelancing while searching for a full-time job in the niche industry.I’m willing to move for the right job, but I’d rather stay close to home — so I was stoked last summer when I got an interview for one of the very few entry-level jobs available in my city!

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The most common perpetrator of sexual abuse is either a family member or a close friend of the family. Sexual abuse commonly comes to light through the child’s disclosing the incident of sexual contact to a trusted adult.I ultimately didn’t get it, but the interview went well enough they encouraged me to apply the next time they had an opening.Then an acquaintance who works at the company called me up and asked if I wanted to get coffee.Adults and older children hold a position of tremendous power in their lives.It is the abuse of this power, and the abuse of children’s trust, that is so damaging.I vividly remember sitting with tears streaming down my face after hearing how children had been scarred by those they trusted.

How sad that we need to be discussing this subject for a three-and-a-half-year-old!

When I asked why, I was told a staffer had raised some concerns and the company would not be moving forward with my candidacy. I worked so hard for so long to get the training required for this type of work, and I don’t think I deserve to be blacklisted for something I said when I was 17. On the other hand, it’s going to look motivated by your desire to get a job there, and risks coming across as more self-interested than genuine.

Because of that, I think you should do it only if you can frame it as a genuine apology, unconnected to your job prospects there.

And there are other things where holding a professional grudge after someone expressed sincere regret would be an overreaction. She might genuinely feel that she can’t comfortably work with you.

It might not have to do with forgiving or not forgiving you, and she might be well aware that you’re a different person now — and yet might still feel that seeing her high school tormenter every day isn’t something she’d want to stick around for.

There are no behavioral changes and her behavior towards the man in question has not changed at all. I have no idea why she said this and my feeling is that it is completely innocent.